Friday, February 09, 2007

Celine's in the Groove

We are really loving Celine these days, as if you couldn't already tell. Since Celine's Bittersweet won the poll as everyone's favorite shiny mirrored bag, we thought we'd share the white pebbled leather version with you as well. White is in fact THE color that goes with everything, not black. That is why every Spring there is a frantic search for the best white bags out there. This may not be THE best (the Lanvin Maxi-Miss is), but this bag is much more versatile and practical. Another Celine favorite is the Buffalo tote in silver, which is a flashier alternative to white for summer nights. I love the clean simple lines of this bag and of course, the very handy outer pockets are really well thought out. You can't go wrong with the classic beautiful elegance of Celine. Bittersweet at eLuxury for $1050 and Buffalo tote at Neiman Marcus for $1250.


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