Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Topshop's washed four zip holdall

This may look like that lovely, aged leather I'm always warbling on about, but it's actually just good ol' pleather, which I guess explains the £35 price tag. The four zips of the name are found at each end, on the top, and on the little zippered compartment on the flap, so there's ample storage for all your essentials here, and it looks pretty good too, in a "This old thing? Oh, I've had this forever!" kind of way.


Funny thing. I ran across the above article this afternoon, while this morning I pulled out what I consider my most "luxe" bag and was startled at the similarities. Guess she and I have our head in the same place. My version, though, is Jones NY and the softest leather I have ever had in a purse. So soft, that sometimes I am too afraid to carry it. What if I scratch it? I have since learned to love it and forget my fear and it is softening into the most amazing bag I have. A rare, straight retail purchase from me, direct from Macy's, I spent the unheard of amount of $150 (my mental budget is usually 1/3 of that). But, now? This old thing? I've had this forever! :)

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